Release Notes Laddercompetition App v0.9.1 for iOS

Bugs fixed in version 0.9.1
1). Change text to 'enter score' on update score screen.
2). Notification display sports wise.
3). Put date/time in front of each notification under Notifications.
4). Add Location allow message when app in use.
5). My Challenges is also showing sports wise.
6). When a competition was found but user is not allowed to Join, show button in grey with text Unable to Join.
7). Removed subject from ladder competition details screen, email address of  Owner and Admin.
8). Shake issue when zoom in and zoom out ladder or pyramid view.
9). Adjust the ladder view in portrait on my competition.
10). Players who played a match should not be allowed to challenge each other again immediately.
11). Remove version info from setting’s bottom.
12). Remove sport field from other user profile.
13). user not able to challenge someone after expire date.
14). Remove Add default rules button

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