Letter from the CEO

Dear friends and users of Laddercompetition,

First of all a big Thank You for all your enthusiasm and feedback about the use of the Laddercompetition App. It's been available in the Appstores for just over a month and the response is impressive. We have carefuly listened to what you'd like to see improved. This is what we've came up with so far.The following can be expected soon in the next releases of the Laddercompetition App.

version 1.1 (expected end of march)
* minor bugfixes
* user can Leave a competition
* after deactivating an account the ranking will be adjusted accordingly

version 1.2 (expected end of April)
* Countdowntimer to indicate how much time is left to Accept a challenge
* Ability to change the date/time of a planned match within the App

version 1.3 (expected April/May)
* Admin/Owner can move or remove players in a competition(player management)
* Admin/Owner can send a message/notification to all or selected players
* provide more detailed info about player status(engaged is not sufficient info)

Version 1.4 (summer of '17)
* sorting players by rating, name or random(before the start of a competition)

Known issues: Countrynames are always in english (should be in the language of the device if language is supported)

A complete listing of all features requested by our users can be found on the Feature Requests page along with their status.

That's it for now. Please continue to provide feedback and join the Forum to exchange ideas, add feature requests, vote etc. so we can further improve the Laddercompetition App.


Ramon Weldam

Chief Executive Officer

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