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Multiple challenges

On league night we'll play several ladder matches. However it seems like you can only have one challenge accepted or issued at a time. It would be could to have the ability to issue multiple challenges for the same day. Possible?
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We believe that we have to wait on the match result first before allowing someone to be challenged. Else in theory you could have challenged someone who is ranked lower than you are. So even if you would win that match, you would not go higher in the ladder. Therefore the system is currently preventing simultaneous challenges. Does this make sense ? If you can think of improvements, let us know. It's always interesting to look at different ways to organize competitions. One thing we probably add in a future release is the way points are awarded. We'd like to encourage people to play as many games as possible. There's a feature request to award eg. 1 point for a played match and 3 points for a won match. Then even when losing a match you can climb higher on the ladder.

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