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Manage complete competition by Admin

Great product with a lot of potential. What about a feature for the admin to add an manage players and arrange challenges?

I manage a table tennis youth training and looked for a "pyramid-view" competition which you have and it looks great. But i don't think that my (non english) kids will/can use this actively or participate in the same level on their own. So an admin should be able to manage the competition completely. With the integration of the pyramid-view on the website as a "public display" this could be a great tool for Trainers to create a better "competitive training environment".

I would also love to use this for the adult training, but there are some people without too regular training participitation. A posibility for a complete administration by an admin would also help to make to use this tool.

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Thanks! We'll look into it. We're also planning to translate to Spanish and German.

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