You can create your own custom competition using the App or Website. You will become the Owner as well as the Admin for your competition. You can assign a different Admin later if you like(after people have joined your competition)

Click on Create competition and follow the steps below :

1. choose for which gender the competition is intended for (ladies ,gents or both)

Select Male or Female. If you want a mixed competition choose Both.

2. choose age group

There's a drop down menu where you can select the minimum age and maximum age. This is done so you can have multiple competitions for specific age groups. The minimum age is 13 since younger kids are not allowed to use the app in some countries.

3. select ranking(optional)

If you want to create a competition for one or more rankings only, you can set it here. A ranking is usually indicated by letters or a number where eg. category A players are the best players. Often numbers are used where the lowest number indicates the highest rank(best players)

4. set startdate and end date

A competition must have a startdate and enddate. The startdate is the date the competition actually starts. Before that time sufficient players should have joined. The end date is the date where the competition ends and the winner will be the player at the top of the ladder. The startdate is not to be confused with the creation date. Both start and end date can be changed but note that the end date is not allowed to be more than 365 days after the creation date.

5. choose subscription end date

New players can join the competition until this date. If you want new players to be able to join during the competition that is possible too.

6. define the rules (use our standard rules or make your own)

By default some Rules are automatically generated. Eg Age restrictions, gender, start and end date, which you have set in the steps above, will be generated and applied automatically. These Rules can be read by all players so that it is clear to everyone.

7. create a secret code(organizers code) to uniquely identify your competition(optional)

This can be used so that players can find your competition. Choose a unique and secret code that you can share by email or WhatsApp. It makes it easier to find your competition.

8. decide if only club members are allowed to join

Here you can enter your club id(aka venue ID). When you set it then only players who are a member of the same club are allowed to join. IPlayers that are not a member would be unable to join. Leave it blank if you want anyone to be able to join. Note that each player would need to go to their Profile Settings and set the club ID too. Else the App won't recognize they are a member of a club.

9. add Prize information(optional but recommended)

You can add text and pictures to describe what the winner of the competition will receive. If the prize is sponsored a sponsorlogo may be used or any other picture to describe the prize. Even if there's no real prize to win we recommend to have an awards ceremony anyway and enter that information here.

10. set location(s)

Usually a competition is played at the club in which case you can enter the address and postcode here. If it is played on multiple clubs or on a public court you can describe detailed info here.

11. add logo's (eg clublogo and sponsor logo)

You can add two logo's in total. You can choose yourself if you want sponsor logos and/or a clublogo. Note that these logo's will be shown at the top of the ladder views and score screens, which in turn can be shared by players on social media.