There are three different kind of Rules:

1. Automatically generated Rules

2. Recommended Rules

3. Custom Rules

Automatically generated Rules are created by the system and can not be changed or removed. These rules are applied automatically based on the competition settings. Eg if a competition is for a certain age group or for females only, then the system will make sure that players who do not meet these requirements are unable to join.

Recommended Rules are Rules that Laddercompetition added for your convenience. Recommended Rules are often about behavior and are to be followed during a match. These rules cannot be enforced or verified by the system automatically. The Recommended Rules may be removed by the Owner or Admin of a competition.

Custom Rules or Own Rules can be used to add specific information about a competition or contain expectations of the participants. Eg if you want matches to be played in a certain way, if there's a dresscode or if there's a time limit etc. this can be added. Note that these Rules can not be enforced or verified by the system.

All Rules will be visible to all players within the App and on the website.