To join a competition you first need to decide which competition you want to join.There might be several competitions available so we'll start with finding the right one first. Make sure that you have selected the correct Sport under Settings because we will only find competitions for the selected sport.

Next, click on Find Competition in the menu. This will show four options.

1. Search by Organizers Code (this secret and unique code would have been provided to you by your club or organizer)

2. Search by zipcode

3. Search by current GPS location

4.Search for competitions at a specific Club-ID (eg venue).

If you are at the competition location already then the easiest is to Find Competitions at the current GPS location. Next click the Find button. Else you need to enter one of the other fields and click on the Find Competition button.

If you entered a club ID but still can't find the competition you're looking for then this is probably because the organizer did not set a Club-ID. In that case try to search by postcode.

The search results should now show one or more competitions. When clicking on a competition you will see the details including Startdate, Date until you can join, Rules, Prizes you can win and ofcourse for who the competition is intended for(ladies, certain age group etc). If you meet all the criteria as set forward in the Competition details you can click the Join button to join. If you do not meet the criteria it will mark that criteria in Red to indicate why you are not allowed to join.