A laddercompetition is a system where participants can challenge each other. The word laddercompetition consists of two words: ladder and competition. The word ladder is used because just like the rungs of a ladder, players are positioned above one another. The goal is to reach the top of the ladder by playing matches or games. This is done by challenging someone who is ranked higher in the ladder. Challenges are not to be declined and must be accepted. If a challenge is accepted a match needs to be played. When the challenger wins the match then he trades places with the loser. If the challenger loses the match then both players keep their position in the ladder. When a challenge is declined, event though it’s against etiquette, then the challenger automatically wins the match and trades places with the player who rejected. A player is allowed to challenge anyone who is positioned at the same level or one level higher than his own position. The top level(1st level) holds one player, the second level holds 2 players, the third level has three players and so on. (see pictures below) To distinct the levels, in modern systems different colours are used. Alternatively, the ladder shape can be converted into a pyramid shape. The following pictures show the same competition in different views.

Initial positions

The initial position of a player is determined by the organizer. Some best practices are : - Order in which players joined - Alphabetically by firstname - Random - By Rating A laddercompetition has a start and end date. Its purpose is to allow participants to play many matches. Although designed to be competitive, a laddercompetitition has a friendly character; Participating is more important than winning. Points can be awarded for winning a match and for losing a match. This way, playing a match is rewarded. Eg. A win would earn 3 points and a lost match earns 1 point. Then even if a player lost 4 matches he earned more points than someone who only played one match and won. This system encourages participants to play more matches.


The following is a sample set of Rules made for a tennis competition. The laddercompetition App allows you to customize the Rules for optimized competition results.

• The goal of the laddercompetition is to meet new people, encourage participants to play games and allow them to get more experience and improve their game.

• The laddercompetition has a ladder or pyramid shape. You are allowed to challenge a player on the same level you’re in or someone who is positioned 1 level higher than you are. When you win the match you trade places. If you lose nothing changes. The goal is to end up as high on the pyramid/ladder as possible.

• The initial positions are defined by first come first serve basis. The winner at the end of the competition is the player who is at the top of the pyramid/ladder.

• This laddercompetition is for men and women of age group 18-31

• We will play single matches only

• The competition starts on 9–May-2016 and ends on 9-Dec-2016

• You can join until 9-Oct-2016 . Players will be added to the ladder by the order the subscriptions are received in.

• You can challenge someone using the App and Website. You can also email or call your challenger. Contact details can be found in the App or in the protected area of Laddercompetition.com.

• When you are challenged you need to agree on a date and time. You need to play the match within 10 days. Else you will lose the match.

• You are not allowed to challenge the same player immediately again after having played against him, unless that player is on the number 1 position of the ladder.

• After the match the score must be entered using the App or on laddercompetition.com after which the ladder is updated and published automatically.

• For questions or additional information please contact the Owner or Admin of the competition.

• This competition is for clubmembers only